Start Your Photography Career With Information on Digital Cameras

With built-in cameras becoming the standard in any cellular or mobile device, the influx of photos being shared on the internet is an ever growing practice. Because it is essentially impossible to function in modern society without a constant connection to the online world, for the most part every individual has access to a camera as well as a method for sharing them over the internet.


Even though many may assume that high quality digital cameras are becoming decreasingly less prevalent due to the introduction of mobile devices, the photography industry is still working hard, creating interesting and well put together images. Of the 610 million individuals who own some form of digital camera, a whopping 72% use them as their primary camera over any mobile device they own.

And with the prominence of videos, especially short viral videos from services such as Snapchat and Vine, people may assume that photography altogether is becoming a lesser used medium. However, if anything, the online world that allows for the wide-spread sharing of pictures has greatly increased the use of cameras. An estimated 10% of all photos ever taken, have been taken in the past 12 months.

This surge in photography is likely a direct result of online sharing, particularly on social media. It can be great to take photos for your own personal enjoyment, but many like to share their art with friends, family, and other photography lovers. Instagram is one social media website that capitalizes on the use of image sharing.

People may be more familiar with the pictures of food that dominate Instagram’s front page, but with some extra looking, there are countless varieties of styles and artists who share their images for other’s enjoyment. Instagram currently has around 300 million active users who contribute approximately 70 million photos each day.

Fortunately for photography lovers, the medium seems to still be on the up-rise of popularity. And with technology improving all the time, finding camera stores that can offer tools and information on digital cameras, becoming a skilled photographer is more accessible than ever before.

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