Social Media For Photographers: A Simple Guide

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Social media has taken the world by storm. By December 31st, 2014, Facebook had over 1.39 billion monthly active users, and Instagram had 300 million active users sharing roughly 70 million pictures every day. Despite the millions of photos being shared every day, many photographers fail to understand the importance of social media for their business. They think of social media as a debate between smartphone camera vs digital camera, and view it as a trend rather than a tool that can be used. In fact, professional photographs are twice as likely to be shared than user-generated photographs. (Even though smartphones allow you to always have a digital camera in your pocket.) If you’re a newbie to the business side of social media, here are a few tips on how you can promote and improve your photography business by utilizing social media platforms.

Photographers may ask, “Why is social media so important?” Advertising, of course! In order to turn a profit, a photographer must be able to show their work to get customers to buy it. But showing your work to consumers can be difficult, especially if your photo store is hard to find. Social media allows photographers to tap into a wide audience, allowing their photographs to be seen by more people than was once previously possible.

In addition, social media platforms can act as your own personal online advertisement campaign. Instead of trying to get your art featured in local camera stores or galleries, social media allows you to create your own personal advertising campaign for a fraction of the price. For example, you can use Facebook to announce special events, post recent photos, hold contests, offer tips, and even share content that inspires you. Create a Youtube video of one of your shoots, or offer customers photography tips. The possibilities are endless with social media!

You don’t have to keep the digital camera in the spotlight of your photo business. If you’re tired of running unsuccessful photo stores, now may be the best time to start looking into promoting your photography business on social media platforms. Take some time to make yourself familiar with the business side of each site, and keep a specific goal in mind as you begin to create your social media campaign. The key to a successful campaign is to stay constantly engaged with your customer. Customers will recognize your passion, and will be more likely to remember you.

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