The Shoebox of Today: How Do People Take and Share Photos Nowadays?

point and shoot digital camera

Once upon a time, people used to buy disposable cameras or rolls of film for their point and shoots, wait until they were developed to see what the pictures looked like, and then store them in photo albums or shoe boxes. Nowadays, people use point and shoot digital cameras to take photos that are higher quality than some of the professional cameras of yesteryear, and instantly upload them to the web.

The times have changed, for better or worse. Here’s a look at how people take and share their pictures nowadays.

The Selfie
If you don’t know what selfies are, or have no concept of how popular and pervasive they are, then chances are you’ve been living in the woods for the past few years. What you may not know, though, is just how popular selfies are. According to, more than 1 million selfies are taken each day.

Social Media
Rather than mailing pictures or putting photos away to show off when people are over, people just upload them to social networks like Instagram and Facebook. Instagram, the social network specifically dedicated to pictures, has 300 million active users who share about 70 million photos each day. As of March 2015, about 30 billion pictures have been posted to Instagram. What’s even more insane is the fact that Facebook’s 1.15 billion users have uploaded an average of 217 photos apiece, resulting in 250 billion photos being posted to the social network, with 350 million new ones being put up each day.

Film Photography.
Digital photography has not killed film, believe it or not. According to a survey reported on by PetaPixel, 30% of surveyed film photographers were under the age of 35. In other words, millennials aren’t entirely digital. Many of them still appreciate the aesthetic quality of film.

The times, they have changed. Nowadays, most people head to online digital camera stores to buy point and shoot digital cameras capable of taking profoundly detailed pictures, many of which are of themselves, and share them to the web. Gone are the days of shoeboxes of photos, it seems.

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