Do I need a Tripod?

At one time many photographers use these things call tripods when doing a shoot. They are rarely needed or even used now due to auto-focus, auto this, auto that, and now its so quick and easy to shoot an acceptable shot. Today’s cameras make it almost impossible to produce a poor image, but there are still some things to consider in which you would need a tripod for. We will cover a few tips on tripods and there use.


Tripods can be seen as an inconvenience without a doubt. A huge mistake is thinking the lighter the camera the lighter the tripod should be. I am not saying all heavy tripods are more stable, this is not always the case. The design of a tripod does play a big part in overall stability though. The ‘try before you buy rule’ here is a must.

The more inexpensive tripods are usually not put together very well. They are usually designed with rivets that hold them together rather than nuts and bolts. When these rivets come loose they cannot be easily fixed so try to avoid these tripods.You should be able to lock leg extensions in place with no trouble. Extend the legs, lock them in place and then push down on the tripod. If there is any slippage move to the next one. Some tripods come with leg braces. Some of these work and some don’t. A tripod with leg braces is not automatically more stable as it really depends on design.

Most tripod have an extending center column. Some of these center columns come with a rack and pinion drive for easy adjustment. Whether the center column is manual or rack and pinion the center column should move up and down smoothly.

Tripod with heads are usually not the way to go. Tripod plus head, you select a head to go with your tripod is a better option in my opinion. Selecting a head separately for your tripod will make sure it fits your camera’s needs.

You can check out our wide selection of tripods. We hope this helps you in selecting the right tripod for you.

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