Canon XF100 Camcorder

Canon USA, Inc. majors in the production of professional and individual consumer imaging/photographic/video equipment and devices. Featured products under the Canon stable include cameras and recorders.

The Canon XF100 HD Professional Camcorder is another quality product off the shelves of Canon Inc. The XF100 comes from rigorous research and development efforts, which incorporates elements such as high-grade quality materials, cutting-edge technologies as well as customer preferences and contributions.

Canon Inc. purposes the XF100 as a compact, fully featured pro video camera that imports nearly all the features and functionality of the average camcorder in its class and much more. First off, users access the XF100’s ability to record full HD videos and save them in compatible flash cards.  The XF100 boasts of the newly deployed Canon 10x HD video lens, which resolves images onto a native 1920 x 1080 CMOS sensor.

The Canon XF100 brings more to the table. With infra-red recording, the XF100 delivers exceptional imaging quality, portability and pinpoint control by the user. This makes this camcorder suitable for tasks and activities including ENG, travel documentaries, indie features, and event videography.

The Canon XF100 Codec

Canon pushes the boundaries in XF100 by incorporating the next-generation Canon XF Codec. This component ensures that the XF100 works with a wide range of existing industry infrastructure as well as Non-linear editing systems. Users can take stills or shoot high-quality HD films with Full 1920×1080 resolution, bitrates of up to 50Mbps as well as 4:2:2 color sampling.

Color Sampling

The XF100 brings innovation to color sampling requirements. Offering twice the resolution of the average camcorder, the 4.2.2.sampling feature of the XF100 offers users ultra-fine transitions in tone and color and maintains the highest quality image for use in post-production processes such as chroma keying, color grading, advanced compositing, and effects. You can trust that your stills and videos will always come out better, bolder and brighter.

MXF Wrapper

The Canon XF100 makes use of the proprietary Material Exchange Format for structuring its files. What this means is that users can exchange video and audio in an internationally accessible, standardized container. What results are videos and audios that merge into a single file along with valuable metadata?

This feature renders the XF100 easily adaptable with NLE systems, high-end network systems as well as many production outfits/studios.

Superior Canon Lens

Canon Inc. continues to set the standard with the lens of the XF100 Camcorder. The Canon 10x HD Video lens delivers great flexibility and functionality in image capture. Users achieve zoom ranges of up to 30.4 to 304mm (35mm equivalent). Further imaging capabilities centers on the Power zoom feature, where constant/variable settings give 3 modes: Fast (1.9 – 60 seconds), Normal (3.0 – 180 seconds) and Slow (4.0 – 285 seconds).

Other compelling features of the Canon XF100 Camcorder include an intelligent battery system, slow and fast motion modules, interval recording, focus assist options among others.

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