Canon DVD Camcorders

Canon USA, Inc. leads in the production of professional and personal consumer imaging equipment and devices. The range of her products include cameras, digital SLK cameras, inkjet printers, and recorders.

canon dvd camcorders

The Canon DVD Camcorders are stellar products from the stable of Canon USA Inc. For starters, the Canon is portable and compact. It has an ergonomic physical design that permits you to shoot beautiful pictures/films.

With regard to functionality, this DVD Camcorder features a single ⅙ inch CCD with 800,000 pixels. The CCD specification means the lens of the camcorder achieves optical zooms as large as 30x. Furthermore, if you would like to watch pixelated videos, the Canon allows you to zoom to a range as high as 800x.

The Canon DVD Camcorder offers more options with viewing time as well as storage capacity. Three quality levels exist: XP running at 9Mbits/sec, SP at 6Mbits/sec, and LP at 3Mbits/second. With these levels, your Canon DVD Camcorder plays a single layer DVD for 20 minutes or a double layer version for 35 minutes.

The controls of the Canon DVD are accessible. You can operate the device using one of three buttons arranged in a circle on the side, and the joystick on the back. In more detail, the function button allows you call up the Canon’s configuration menu.  In Auto mode, you can choose between the three quality settings. Using either Program Auto Exposure, Shutter Priority Auto Exposure or Scene preset, you can shoot excellent pictures and videos. The various modes include Portrait, Sports, Night, Snow, Beach, Sunset, Spotlight, and Fireworks.

The Canon also offers versatility when filming using the joystick. With this feature, you have access to some other manual control options that enhance user experience. Under the Shutter Priority Auto Exposure mode, you can vary the shutter speed from 1/6th to 1/2000th of a second when operating the Canon as a camcorder or you can achieve a speed of ½ to 1/500th when taking pictures. The joystick helps in engaging manual focus and exposure control. The latter feature assists with operating the shutter and aperture at the same time.

The Canon DVD Camcorders shoot pictures and films in good color saturation and separation, under adequate lighting. Whether you are indoors or outdoors. The colors generated are usually vibrant and clear.

With the aid of a DVD drive, you can edit pictures/films from your camcorder. The Canon also features a proprietary mini jack. This feature enables you to hook up to composite analog video and play RCA audio.

The Canon DVD Camcorders tick the right buttons on various assessment criteria. It is affordable and easy to maintain. It has a wide range of accessible, comprehensive and easy-to-use manual settings and you can carry a ton of information in it.

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