42nd Street Photo’s Tips for Shooting Star Trails

Today we will give you a few tips on shooting star trails. Many photographers work to capture the beauty of the heavens with their cameras. Photographing star trails is quite easy. Your lighting though will have to meet certain conditions.


– No ambient light is the best. Avoid light pollution. Most types of photography we concern ourselves with direction, intensity, and the color of light. Shooting start trails the opposite is required. The farther away from city lights the better. Moonlight is also undesirable.

– The sky should be as dark and clear as possible.

– Have all your equipment. Lens, tripod, memory, camera protection, flashlight, and power. Capturing star trails can even require 2-3 hours of continuous shooting so you need to be prepared.

– There should be a foreground subject. Star trails simply do not look good without it.

– Exposure (Aperture) The aperture partly controls how bright the trails are going to be in the photograph. If you use a very fast lens wide-open you will usually get more trails than you probably want.

– Exposure (Shutter Speed) – Exposure time partly defines how long star trails are going to be in the picture and does not influence brightness of the actual trails.

– Film speed. ISO50 and ISO100 are great.

We hope this tips will help and that you have an enoyable time while shooting star trails.

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