3 Reasons You Should Invest in a Real Camera

Nowadays, it seems like every smartphone comes with a high-powered, quality camera in it, consequently eliminating the need for consumer grade, still digital cameras. After all, why spend hundreds of dollars at online digital camera stores for an extra piece of equipment you’ll have to bring around when your cell phone can do the job?


However, if you ask those who have recently invested in still digital cameras why they bothered, they’ll tell you that they put their money to good use. Here’s why:

People Prefer Shooting With a Camera
Though you might think still digital cameras are more of an annoyance than a help, most people actually prefer shooting with them than with their smartphones. Of the 610 million people who own still digital cameras, 72% use their digital cameras as their primary camera. In other words, 439.2 million people find the advantages of a digital camera outweigh its disadvantages.

The Zoom Is Better
Many still digital cameras come with an optical zoom, which is not the same thing as a smartphone camera’s digital zoom. Optical zoom is a real zoom; it’s a lens-based zoom. Digital zoom, on the other hand, just blows a portion of the shot. It doesn’t actually zoom in. It just makes one part of the picture bigger.

Your Instagram Will Get Better
There are 300 million active users on Instagram who upload about 70 million pictures each day. As of March 2015, a shocking total of 30 billion photos had been uploaded, and you know who gets more likes, comments, and shares? Professional photographers. Sure, having a quality camera won’t make you a professional, but if that fact is indicative of anything, using a proper camera to take shots means that you’ll at least start getting more love on Instagram.

Do yourself a favor, and invest in a real camera. You’ll be glad you did.

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